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Hi Everyone! My name is David and Welcome to Health Supplements For You

A healthy lifestyle always has been my passion.

This is all about Herbal Medicine.

Growing up in the Caucasus Mountains of Republic Of Georgia, from early childhood, I absorbed healthy living. From our ancestors we embrace, what our Mother Nature has given us, healthy diet, including lots of vegetables, herbs and nuts, crystal clear water from mountain sources, fresh produce, free of pesticides, organic wine from a valley of vineyards, sour milk and cheese products, freshly squeezed juices.

That’s why Georgia is known worldwide for longevity, many Georgian people, especially those, who live up in the mountains, get to live over 100 years and beyond. Please watch this video of Georgia.

Mother Nature

Growing up I watched my grandma used herbs and other natural products to heal many health problems.

I strongly believe that Nature gives us everything we need to heal ourselves and live happy lives. Only if we had access to natural resources, the knowledge of their health benefits and how to integrate them into our daily lives; we would find ourselves visiting doctors less often. Modern medicine treats disease symptoms but ignores underlying problems.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, provides us with an endless source of natural herbs and minerals, we can be healthy inside and out. We can uncover a secret to longevityprosperity, and, as a result, happiness.

Our Mission

At Health Supplements For You, we want to give our readers the most accurate information about herbal solutions, share our thoughts and knowledge and help YOU choose the right supplements. Our mission is to help others reach their potential by educating themselves in the field of botanical therapy.

For some of you, this will mean choosing supplements to battle existing problems, and for others, discovering preventative measures to help maintain your well-being. Whatever the ailment is, we hope the information on our site will help you make wise decisions.

We welcome all questions, concerns, and comments! Please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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