Himalayan Salt Lamps – Real Or BS?- My Honest Review

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To be honest, I stumbled upon Himalayan Salt Lamp when I was shopping and it got me by unique design and warm pink color. In fact, I liked it so much and decide to purchase one. During purchasing, I read all the health benefits these lamps allegedly provide,  so, I got curious.

Do they really bring all these benefits to your home or this is another trick from the companies, trying to sell you another useless gadget?

Well, let’s find out, shall we?

What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps And Where Are They Came From?

Have you heard of salt lamps? These are natural rocks that have been formed for more than 250,000 years. They have nothing to do with salt in your kitchen. They come from the Himalayas. These are untreated crystallized compounds that are formed in deposits. These are large pieces of whole pink Himalayan Salt, cut out in such a way that a small light bulb or candle can be placed inside. And thanks to the heat, this lamp allegedly has extraordinary beneficial properties.

Himalayan salt, Himalayan salt lamp benefits
Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com

Himalayan salt lamp, salt mining cave98% of Himalayan salt is sodium chloride, also known as table salt, and 2% of other minerals. One of them is iron oxide, also known as rust. And that iron oxide gives this rock a cool pink color.

Since they are quite natural, they have a different shape, size, and texture. They are formed in nature and used as lamps, candles, or simply as interior decoration. Due to their mineral properties, they can illuminate the whole room.

The first to use these salt lamps were residents of cities near the fields. Lamps are formed from various types of minerals, such as red, yellow, or white salt. In addition, some contain lithium, halite, and selenite.

What are the advantages of these Himalayan salt lamps? Specialists in Feng Shui began to appreciate them because they care about maintaining balance in the house. They do this by helping to enter a state of relaxation, sleep better, reducing stress and depression.

Unboxing My Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp,unboxing


After 4 days from ordering my lamp from Himalayan Salt Shop, I finally got it!

Did I mention they offer free shipping?

It came packed in this heavy box, all wrapped in vacuum-sealed plastic along with a dimmer cord.

The cord that I bought has a dimmer switch, but they also offer one without a dimmer.

I think it is a few dollars cheaper, but I thought a dimmer option would be nice to have.



Himalayan salt lamp benefits,unboxing


The lamp itself is wrapped tight in vacuum-sealed plastic so you will need scissors to remove it.

Be careful not to damage the lamp. It is very fragile as you can imagine, a solid piece of salt rock and it cheaps very easily.

It has a nice wooden base made out of natural wood.





Himalayan salt lamp benefits,unboxing


According to the specifications, this lamp is made by hand in Pakistan.

The salt is mined by hand, each one is different shape and color.

If you order more than one you’ll see they are all unique, each and every one

has a different shape, size, color, and weight.




Himalayan salt lamp benefits,glow


So, after unwrapping and putting light bulb and attaching a dimmer cord to the lamp it is time to turn it on. Ta-da!

Well, I can say they are extremely beautiful, especially in the dark. They have this warm orange-pinkish glow. Come, soothing amber glow that allows you to relax after a long day.

Now, at my house, every evening, me and my family can admire the warm pinkish shimmer of the Himalayan Salt Lamp.


Health Benefits of Salt Lamps: Real Or BS?

The idea behind these Salt Lamps is that they suppose to be a natural holistic air purifier, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation and cleaning the air.

There are many claims online, especially from manufacturers, that salt lamps, when heated, release negative ions. Negative ions allegedly neutralize pollutants in the air. By pulling harmful contaminants and allergens out of the air through natural ionization, making the air in your house better.

There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that this big chunk of salt is responsible for cleaning the air.

Another claim is that salt lamps are reducing electromagnetic radiation. Which comes from your cell phones, your tv and also from natural sources like thunderstorms and cosmic waves and causing harm to your health. In order to defend yourself from this harmful radiation, we must neutralize positive ions with negative ones. Salt lamps are claiming to emit negative ions when heated. And again, there is absolutely no evidence of that.

Honestly, after my extensive research, I found only one thing close to the truth. They claim that salt lamps reduce your stress level and may help you sleep better. Research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP)  states that the intensity of the light is directly related to a degree of persons emotional response. In other words, your salt lamp provides a soft, warm, comforting glow, it can reduce stress, leading to a feeling of relaxation and come state. It sure does that for me. Just watching it glow, it’s like watching a fire, it attracts you.

Do you have any experience with Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Did you ever order from Himalayan Salt Shop?

Please leave a quick comment below, I would really appreciate it.

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