Boswellia Powder: Uses and Benefits

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Let’s get right into it. And we are going to talk about Boswellia powder. I use the stuff and maybe you should too.

Why do I say maybe? Like a lot of supplements, it may or may not work for you. I’ve taken so many supplements over the last ten years I couldn’t even give a guess as to how many didn’t work. Some I stuck with for years, others I tried and went back to and dozens were a complete waste of money.

If you decide to give a supplement a try then as an avid self-experimenting user, I would recommend sticking with it for at least 2-3 months before giving up on it unless you’re having adverse reactions. Usually, a month isn’t long enough to know if its really doing anything or not.
Occasionally I have found that quitting a supplement showed me just how much it was helping. Some times you don’t realize how much of benefit you are getting until the benefit goes away.

When it comes to Boswellia powder it took about two weeks for me to realize that it was helping with my joint pain. When I would skip a day, my knees would hurt more than the day before. For me, the Boswellia powder is making a big improvement in my daily pain.

What is Boswellia Powder?

Boswellia powder is of the genus of trees and in the order Sapindales. There are about 16 different species of Boswellia, and they are mainly used for medical treatments. Boswellia is native to Ethiopia, India, Somalia, and Yemen.
Boswellia powder is taken from the tree Boswellia sacra. From the Boswellia sacra, the Boswellia resin is retrieved by cutting an incision at the bark of the tree. Resin is then collected from it, which then quickly hardens when exposed to air.
You may have heard of it by its other name more popularly known as frankincense or the Indian frankincense.

frankincense tree

Benefits of Boswellia Powder?

Boswellia comes with various health benefits ranging from treating inflammation illness to other health conditions. Boswellia can be used in the form of powder, cream or pills. Some of the health benefits of Boswellia powder include:
⦁ It can be used for treating osteoarthritis
⦁ Boswellia helps in reducing the rate at which asthma is triggered in asthmatic patients
⦁ It can also be used in treating inflammatory Bowell disease
⦁ It can be used to stop the growth of certain types of cancer like breast cancer and leukemia
⦁ It can be used as a pain killer
⦁ Boswellia can also be used to inhibit cartilage loss.

Is Boswellia Good for Arthritis?

This is what I use it for. Many people find relief, but as with pharmaceutical drugs, not everyone will find a benefit. Boswellia has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful in treating patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as bursitis symptoms. These benefits probably come from an active compound called the boswellic acid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
The boswellic acids present in Boswellia helps to inhibit autoimmune processes as well as prevent cartilage loss, which makes Boswellia a perfect remedy for arthritis.

Boswellia resin


Boswellia powder has been studied extensively, and some impressive findings have been made. In 2004, a study on Boswellia powder suggested that Boswellia can be used in treating knee osteoarthritis.

In the study, 30 patients with knee arthritis were divided into two groups. The first half was given 333 mg of Boswellia powder, while the remaining half were given placebo. The end of the study, the result showed that patients who got Boswellia powder reported having less knee pain, easy mobility, and an ability to work for a longer time, which was significantly better than those patients who were placed on placebo. It’s significant that all of the patients that used the Boswellia reported a benefit.

In another study in 2008, Boswellia received from a traditional remedy was studied, and it showed that it contains a compound called 5-loxin.

5-loxin is known to help in treating osteoarthritis. Within seven days, symptoms of pains reduced. And within three months of continuous use of Boswellia, symptoms of cartilage damage were eliminated.

Can you take Turmeric and Boswellia together?

Yes, Turmeric and Boswellia powder can be taken together. Both Turmeric and Boswellia powder have anti-inflammatory properties, they show potential to slow down the growth of cancers, and can ease the pain. Instead of taking just one of them, they can be combined to produce an even more powerful synergistic effect.
In a study where turmeric was combined with Boswellia powder to relieve pain, the result of the study showed that turmeric and Boswellia were effective in reducing pain better than just a prescribed NSAID. When both turmeric and Boswellia powder are taken together, it helps to inhibit the rate at which it synthesis specific proinflammatory enzyme, like the 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO).
The best way to experiment with the combination is to start with one and take note of how you feel before starting the second one. By starting them at different times you can get a better idea of what is working or not.

Side Effects and Risks of Boswellia Powder?

Some side effects associated with using Boswellia powder is that it may stimulate the rate at which blood flows to the pelvis and uterus. Boswellia could also induce miscarriage in some women, and in some other case, it might increase blood flow during menstruation. Some other side effects and risk associated with taking Boswellia powder include:
It may cause diarrhea
⦁ It could cause skin rashes
⦁ It may lead to nausea
⦁ It could cause acid reflux in some cases
⦁ It could reach with ibuprofen
⦁ It could also react with aspirin
⦁ It could react with non-steroids anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s)

Recommended Usage of Boswellia Powder?

Boswellia comes in different concentration in different products. Also, it requires a slightly different concentration for different ailments. So, it is greatly advisable to follow the instructions from the manufacturer or medical professionals.
The recommended amount of Boswellia that is usually taken is between 300 – 500 mg by mouth two or three times a day. In cases of treating inflammatory bowel disease, the amount of Boswellia needed would be slightly increased. For treating arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation suggests that’s about 300 – 400 mg of a drug containing about 60% of boswellic acids should be administered three times a day. You will find different concentrations of boswellic acids in different supplements.

If you decide to start Boswellia powder then make sure to go organic. The last thing we want to do is add more unnatural chemicals into our bodies while we are trying to help fix our ailments.

I would also go with a brand that does independent purity testing if you can find it. You don’t want to end up buying a product that doesn’t have what it says in it. There are a lot of scammers in the supplement word. Quality products cost more, but they are worth it for the benefits. A well known highly rated brand may work as well if they do not do independent testing.

As of now, I’m seeing a big improvement from daily use. The only question is, will it last? Only time will tell. I’ve only been on it for about two months now. I would definitely recommend giving it a try for joint pain.

Guest Post Written by Mike Epson. I love nutrition and fitness. Due to illness, my health has become the center of attention. In my quest to heal my body I like to share supplements that I find make a difference. Feel free to comment or ask questions below.

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